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Thermography or “Raised Ink” technology form a relief image when a special resin powder is poured on wet paint, which is then placed under the influence of high temperatures to fuse the ink above the surface of the sheet and solidify it in the form of droplets, creating a lens effect. Business cards with Thermography or “Raised Ink Business cards” have become particularly popular in recent years. They are beautiful to look at and pleasant to touch.

Raised ink can be a complementary technology to silkscreen printing, allowing you to create three-dimensional images on the touch surface of the treated material. Crystalline powder, a transparent powder help give your business cards an engraved look.

The thermographic printing technique raises the surface of card – creating an effect that’s very similar to how engraving appears. The process involves a sprinkle of powdered resin over wet ink. We complete the process by then heating the resin, which binds it onto the card’s surface. The ultimate result that thermography creates are fonts that are textured, glossy and wonderfully different.

*Turn around time varies based on job complexity and size. Please feel free to contact us at or via WhatsApp with any questions you may have.