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payment methods


HSBC HONG KONG  |  Bank to Bank Wire Transfer | Online Banking | FPS | PayMe | Hang Seng / HSBC ATM

Bank code :  004  A/C no.  555 8 041 736  SWIFT:  HSBCHKHHHKH  

A/C name  Jomie Leung

Deposit Cash instantly at the Cash Deposit Machines at the HSBC Branches - click here to find out Branch & ATM Express Banking Locator p

BOC ( Hong Kong ) Limited | Bank to Bank Wire Transfer | ATM | Online Banking | Deposit Cash instantly at the Cash Deposit Machines @ BOC Branches

Bank Code :  012  A/C no.  579 1 005 035 1  A/C name  FIT International

Please provide the bank code if payment via inter-bank transfer. Make cross-bank/SVF payments easily via FPS, FPS address  +852 5542


Please send the payment slip and send it via WhatsApp +852 5542 1166 or by email at

You may also select by scanning or clicking on PayPal | Wise | PayMe HSBC. Please scan the red colored PayMe QR PayCode with your cellphone, make the payment easily to +852 5542 1166.

We accept BTC / HKD, we will provide the destination address.

All customers bear all transaction service charges of the payment. Oversea TT wire transfer must be confirmed by HSBC Hong Kong / BOC, it usually takes 2-5 business days. We must confirm the order payment before we start printing and processing in production. You may use TransferWise which is a fast payment gateway for overseas payment transfer.

Please send the payment slips by email at or WhatsApp +852 5542 1166 or WeChat PRINTCARDS in order to confirm your payment and process your order as soon as possible when you require our services. Please read the terms.